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You Are Our Toy Boy

Category: 2021
You Are Our Toy Boy

Size: 9.05 GiB | 00:33:23 | 7260x3630

Cast: Mia Delphy, Tasha Lustn
Studio: VirtualTaboo

Mia Delphy and her best friend Tasha Lustn have been having a great time at college. After being shy and quiet growing up, they are enjoying being around new, hot guys at parties every weekend. The only problem is that neither of them has much sexual experience. Mia buys a special sex toy that she saw in a VR porn movie. It is designed to train women how to please men and enjoy themselves. The trouble begins when they try to use it. Since neither of them has any experience with actual dicks, they are clueless about the confusing sex toy. They tug on it too hard with very little success. Just about to give up, they notice Tasha’s stepbrother staring at them. They assumed they were home alone and had not counted on you being home watching VR Porn during their little experiment. Deciding to waste a perfect opportunity to get the practice they crave, the girls flash their tits at you and ask if you will help them gain some experience with the real thing. You happily agree, whipping out a cock that makes your stepsister and her sexy friend gasp. They put their warm tongues on your meat and you give them tips on how to open wide to take the head to the back of their throats. You offer to let them ride you and Tasha is the first one to say yes. She doesn’t care if you are her stepbrother. She just wants that dick inside of her pussy. After watching her friend cum, Mia wants her turn and bounces up and down like a greedy slut. Your dick makes them happy, but the girls also learn to use their tongues on another to keep things hot and heavy. You fuck them for as long as you can before feeding them a bit load of cream. Any time they want more practice, your dick is available.
VR Porn Video "You Are Our Toy Boy" from VirtualTaboo studio featuring Mia Delphy, Tasha Lustn.


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