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Today We Learn Anal

Category: 2021
Today We Learn Anal

Size: 9.14 GiB | 00:32:26 | 7260x3630

Cast: Stacy Bloom
Studio: VirtualTaboo

Stacy Bloom is a strict teacher who expects a great deal from her students. When one of her young male students falls behind, she calls him in for a private meeting. His marks and his in-class behaviour concern her and she wants to help him get back on the right path. Certain that his problem is not a matter of intelligence, but rather a lack of proper motivation, Stacy decides to offer you a new path for your scholastic career. She knows that you watch a lot of VR Porn and has seen you looking at her in class. Bending over to show him a glimpse of her ass, she asks if you would like to see more. Stacy explains that she is willing to make all of your VR fantasies come true if you promise two things. First, your performance in the classroom must improve and second, you can’t tell anyone about their special study sessions. You agree right away and put your cock into your lovely teacher’s mouth. She is impressed by your size and knows that she can help keep you in track by focusing your attention on her horny holes. You move to the couch where she bends over and takes every inch of meat you have to offer. When she gets to know how skilled you are with your dick, Stacy decides to let you into her tight asshole. You learn quickly and she knows that this kind of tutoring is going to be mutually beneficial. After fucking all three of your teacher’s holes you blow a huge wad of ball batter all over her face. Stacy knows that his grades will improve along with her sex life this semester.
VR Porn Video "Today We Learn Anal" from VirtualTaboo studio featuring Stacy Bloom.


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