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Date With Liya Silver In VR

Category: 2021
Date With Liya Silver In VR

Size: 2.47 GiB | 00:10:11 | 7260x3630

Cast: Liya Silver
Studio: VirtualTaboo

Liya Silver VR has been dating her boyfriend for six months. Things were great for a while, but lately, they seem stale. Worried that her man might be getting bored, she decides to buy some sexy new lingerie and surprise him with a special night. Liya tries on the new apparel and loves the way it fits her lean young body. She looks at herself in the mirror and thinks she looks pretty good. But pretty good isn’t good enough. Liya wants to be as hot as the models in the VR Porn she knows her man is watching. Needing a man’s opinion, she calls her stepfather in and asks him to tell her honestly if she looks sexy. You don’t feel right seeing her dressed this way, but can’t hide the bulge in your pants. Seeing how you react, Liya knows that she looks sexy. If she can turn you on, then she knows her boyfriend is going to want to fuck her. She can see that you are uncomfortable, but can’t stop staring which only makes her want to tease you even more. Climbing into bed she can see you staring at her ass as she rolls around and arches her back. Getting bolder, she pulls her top down to reveal her breasts. You continue to stare so she encourages you to take out your cock and stroke it for her. Seeing you so turned on makes Liya wet so she starts rubbing her clit to match you stroke. She watches as your cock throbs and you start to tremble before your load explodes all over the bed. Seeing her stepdad lose control makes Liya climax as well. Perhaps she has bought lingerie to turn on the wrong man.
VR Porn Video "Date With Liya Silver In VR" from VirtualTaboo studio featuring Liya Silver.


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