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Most Important Lesson

Category: 2021
Most Important Lesson

Size: 4.50 GiB | 00:15:58 | 7260x3630

Cast: Jessy Jey, Lilly Bella
Studio: VirtualTaboo

The pandemic has been difficult on everyone, including sweet schoolgirls like Lilly Bella. Stuck at home for nearly a year, she has already missed out on her first year at University. While her studies have not suffered, Lilly has been lonely and sexually frustrated. Instead of spreading her wings and finally getting to experiment sexually, she has been stuck at home having private lessons. Recognizing that Lilly Bella VR is frustrated, Jessy sits her down to talk to her about sex. She is shocked to find that Lilly does not even know how to relieve the stress herself. Strap on your VR Headset and enjoy the stunning High Definition Virtual Reality action as sitting next to Jessy on the couch, Lilly nervously opens her top and follows the instruction of her sexy teacher. Still shy, she is shocked when Jessy tries to make things better by taking out her own breasts and demonstrating how to properly stimulate the nipples. Lilly watches and feels her pussy getting warmer and wetter by the second. With her legs spread and her tight pussy exposed to the cool air as Jessy shows her how to gently slide her fingers inside and use her own juices to lubricate the penetration. It feels so good that she forgets that she is doing it next to her teacher and starts pushing her fingers in faster. The feelings in her young body are new, but she knows she doesn’t want them to stop. Jessy joins the fun and the two women shudder in ecstasy at the same time, cumming all over their fingers. Now that she has taught Lilly how to have fun by herself, her filthy teacher promises a more intimate lesson next time.
VR Porn Video "Most Important Lesson" from VirtualTaboo studio featuring Jessy Jey, Lilly Bella.


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