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What Girls Want

Category: 2020
What Girls Want

Size: 4.10 GiB | 00:15:04 | 7260x3630

Cast: Freya Mayer, Lottie Magne
Studio: VirtualTaboo

When you started dating your stepsister’s best friend, Freya, you were worried things might get strange or uncomfortable. It was a little odd at first, but you all got used to it. Your girlfriend loved spending time at your house because she got to see you and Lottie at the same time. It was nothing unusual to find the two of them talking in your stepsister’s bedroom so you didn’t suspect anything when they called you in to talk. In this VR porn video, Lottie seemed nervous as Freya explained that your stepsister has been having confusing feelings recently. She thinks she might be a lesbian, but isn’t sure. Freya has told Lottie how big your cock is and how good you are in bed. She thinks you should fuck Lottie to help her see if her feelings are real. You can’t believe what you are hearing. It’s like something out of a VR Fantasy video, but Lottie confirms the idea. Your sexy stepsister wants you to fuck your girlfriend and she wants to watch. Freya tells you to take out your cock and is shocked when she sees how hard you already are. You like this idea more than you were pretending. She helps Lottie get undressed while you stroke your cock, watching them compare tits and tease each other until their nipples are as stiff as your prick. When they are completely naked, the girls sit on the bed and spread their legs. Your GF is ready for your cock and another girl wants a turn. Are you ready to fuck both of these horny little hotties?
VR Porn Video "What Girls Want" from VirtualTaboo studio featuring Lottie Magne, Freya Mayer.


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