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It’s Getting Warmer With Tindra Frost

Category: 2019
It’s Getting Warmer With Tindra Frost

Title: It’s Getting Warmer With Tindra Frost
Date of Release: October 24, 2019
Cast: Tindra Frost
Studio: VirtualTaboo
Genres: Dildo, 5K, Piercing, Masturbation, 180, Solo, Oculus, VR Porn, Big tits, Shaved pussy, Stockings, Brunette, Babe

Description: Pretty young Tindra Frost has always led a sheltered life. Her parents kept her on a tight schedule of school, music and tennis lessons with very little time for friends and certainly no time for dating. At twenty years old she was still a virgin and had barely been kissed. None of that really bothered her. It was just the way her life was. At least until her cool, sexually liberated Aunt Angel came to stay for the summer. Tinda admired her beautiful Aunt and took her advice by spicing up her life a little. Her daily shopping trips with Aunt Angel resulted in a whole new wardrobe, including sexy lingerie. Even though she had no boyfriend to wear it for, Tindra enjoyed the way the lace felt on her skin and how sexy she felt wearing it. The G-String panties left her ass naked and Tindra blushed at how good the cool air felt on exposed cheeks. Just because she didn't have a partner, didn't mean Tindra didn't enjoy the feeling of being so sexy. She removed her bra and felt her breasts, running her fingertips over the stiff nipples as her thoughts ran to young men from college who she fantasized about. She imagined their lips, their hands, their cocks on her body as she peeled off the sexy panties and began to rub her pussy. Pulling out a glass toy her Aunt Angel had helped her pick out, Tindra licked it until it was wet enough to slide in. She closed her eyes and imaged which of her classmates might be the one to finally take her sweet cherry. Slipping it in she felt herself ready to cum and her mind racing about the lover she most wanted to be inside of her. As she came Tindra blushed again as she realized the man in her fantasy was her own stepbrother.

File: it-s-getting-warmer-with-tindra-frost.mp4
Size: 2.14 GiB (2295332063 bytes)
Duration: 00:10:47.829
Format: MPEG-4
Video #0: 2.27 GiB hvc1 5400x2700 (2.000) 59.940 fps 30.1 Mbps
Audio #0: 24.5 MiB (1%) AAC LC 48.0 KHz 2 channels 317 Kbps


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